Jane Smith Agency

Women-owned, operated and led, our team’s global experience gives us a unique perspective on how different industries and markets are reacting to today’s unknowns, and a fast-changing, complex consumer mindset.


To be Women-led means always working to empower and inspire women, inside and outside of our office. To be Women-led means creating with empathy, intentionality, and intelligence. We believe our sensitivity is a strength that allows us to see and understand the world in a unique way.


Jane Smith isn’t a person. The name was created to inform and inspire the way we work. It’s about being an innovator behind the curtain. It’s about being a blank canvas where the mission is crafting non-traditional ways of executing brands’ visions. It’s about an empowered team that defines and drives the agency’s passion and perspective.  

Our founder has built and managed agencies and in-house teams in the US and internationally, giving us a unique perspective of the inner workings required of both sides, current climate and challenges.

The team

Alisha Goldstein
“It makes you feel like you're a part of something bigger than just an advertising agency, it's family.”
Alisha Goldstein and Kate Levy Jane Smith Agency
“The team is what makes Jane Smith Agency.”
Jane Smith Agency office
Jane Smith Agency office New York City
“Everyone is so smart & driven, and each with their own personalities that blend together so nicely.”